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At West Cliff, our children are offered the opportunity to learn about different cultures and understand diversity. French helps all of our children to broaden their experiences and understanding of languages and apply this to everyday life.

We have chosen to teach French, partly because this subject is available at the local secondary schools and partly due to staff interest, ability and experience.

Although formal teaching of French doesn’t begin until Year 3, our younger pupils are exposed to the language through basic vocabulary and activities, such as answering the register by saying, ‘Bonjour.’


Curriculum design, coverage and appropriateness 

  • The curriculum is age-appropriate, allows for progression and is supported by electronic and physical resources. 
  • All pupils have access to events and activities throughout the year which develop their cultural understanding. This includes our annual ‘Christmas around the world’ celebration.



Curriculum delivery Teaching (pedagogy) Assessment (formative and summative)  

  • French is currently taught across Key Stage 2 using the NYCC scheme. 


  • Formative assessment takes place during and/or after each lesson and additional support and/or resources are available as required. Assessment can include peer and self-marking, where appropriate. 
  • Balance is used as an online assessment tool for French. 



Attainment and progress (including national tests and assessments) 

  • EYFS/KS1 

French is not taught in EYFS or KS1.  


  • KS2  

The standards in French are not formally assessed. However, all children in KS2 have access to a French curriculum, based on the National Curriculum for Languages, which provides access to age-appropriate content in order to ensure pupils are adequately prepared for the transition to Year 7, in relation to foreign language knowledge and skills.  

Balance online assessment system is used to record achievement against the NC objectives for Languages. 


How is French taught at West Cliff?

All pupils in KS2 have a weekly French lesson. We have chosen to follow the North Yorkshire County Council scheme of learning for French, which is divided into units, as shown on the overview below.


Cultural understanding

We believe that it is important for our pupils to develop their cultural understanding, alongside the communication skills the French curriculum develops. All pupils have access to events throughout the year, including our annual ‘Christmas around the world’ event, where pupils and their families have the opportunity to learn how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. 

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