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For Parents and Carers


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Children are expected to attend school regularly, but obviously illness can intervene and absences do occur.

The school should be notified of any absence before the start of school on the first day of your child’s illness. We are obliged to contact parents about unexplained absences to satisfy ourselves that no harm has come to children on their way to school. An early phone call will eliminate the need for this.

Temporary absence for part of the day, to visit the doctor or dentist for example, should be supported by a note, phone call or personal contact.  Children cannot take a holiday during term time.

National legislation now requires us to note all unauthorised absences throughout the school year and inform parents of this number, if any, in each child’s end of year report. An unauthorised absence is one which is not supported by a letter or message.

We regularly monitor absence and will contact you if we have any concerns to see how we can support you to improve your child’s attendance. We also work closely with local secondary schools and will seek to organise joint attendance meetings where siblings in different schools are experiencing attendance difficulties.

Where children are at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are expected to engage with remote learning (unless they are ill). Engagement with remote learning will be monitored and any concerns will be raised with parents.

Our attendance policy for pupils can be found here

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