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Westcliff primary - in and around our school (21)

Volunteering as a governor is an exciting and extremely valuable role; it is both an enjoyable activity, a superb way to learn new skills, a means of giving something back to the community and a real opportunity to make a difference to the life chances of young people.

As part of the largest volunteer force in the UK, governors work as a network to complement and enhance school leadership. On a local level, acting as a Governing Board, they provide support and challenge, ensure all statutory duties are met, appoint the head teacher and hold the school to account for the impact of its work on improving outcomes for pupils.

School governors in the UK do this through three core strategic functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

What we do as Governors at West Cliff?

Governors at West Cliff work collegiately and are responsible for making sure the school provides a safe environment and high quality education for all pupils. Raising educational standards and ensuring we offer outstanding pastoral care are two of our key priorities.

Together with the head teacher, we set appropriate and challenging targets each year and monitor progress regularly during scheduled meetings and school visits.

We review policies, monitor the school’s finances and act as a critical friend. As a committee, we review and make decisions on the school’s budget and staffing including the performance management policy.

We take a strong interest in how the school can foster pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development and are champions of the school ethos promoting equality of opportunity and inclusivity in all we do.

We play a strategic role; we do not involve ourselves with the day to day management of the school which is the responsibility of the Head and the SLT.

As a Governing Board we are accountable to parents, the local community and to the Trustees of our Academy.

Put simply, as governors we are at the heart of how school operates. It is important that we get things right; how we conduct ourselves affects the interests of pupils, staff and the reputation of the school in the community. With this in mind we are wholly committed to the 7 principles of public life (Nolan principles):

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

Becoming a Governor

We are keen to attract people in the community and parents of children at school to become governors; people like you who can bring energy and experience to our team and can contribute to the strategic leadership of a school.

You will need to have time to dedicate to the role, be prepared to make challenging decisions, act with the very best of intentions and confidentially at all times, and to make sure their decisions are followed up.

At West Cliff our Governing Body comprises the following roles:

  • Parent governors – elected by and from parents of registered pupils at the school
  • Co-opted governors – are appointed by the governing body from the wider community based on the skills set offered and contribution that can be made to the strategic direction of the school
  • Staff governors – elected by teaching and support staff at the school
  • Head teacher – automatic place on the School Improvement Board

Please contact either the Chair of Governors or Head Teacher, Mrs Kirsty Hird if you would like more information about becoming a governor.           

Headteacher: K Hird                          01947 602510                   headteacher.westcliff@yeat.co.uk

Chair of Governors: S Hesketh         01947 602510                  shesketh.westcliff@yeat.co.uk                                  

Given the importance of the role and that you will be asked to speak with children on an individual or small group basis from time to time, we require that you:

  1. submit a short letter of interest and/or CV
  2. undertake an escorted school visit with the Headteacher
  3. meet with Chair of Governors

Governors Meeting Minutes

We no longer add Governors meeting minutes directly to the website.

If you would like to request any, please contact Sharon Markham: smarkham.castleton@yeat.co.uk

For Trustee & Member meetings for Yorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust see - www.yeat.co.uk


Westcliff primary - in and around our school (33)

Governors at West Cliff Primary School

Chair of Governors:   Mrs Sophie Hesketh – Parent Governor


  • Miss K Raw – Staff Governor
  • Mrs C Curtis – Parent Governor
  • Mrs K Hird – Headteacher 
  • Sophie Hesketh - Parent Governor
  • Ms Susan Boyd - Co-opted Governor
  • Clerk to the Governing Board: Elizabeth Asquith

Register of Interests


Business Interests

 Personal Interests

Interests in other educational establishments

Mrs C Curtis




Miss K Raw




Ms Susan Boyd



 Head of Caedmon College

Mrs K Hird




Mrs Hesketh




Governor Info - Terms of Office & Attendance

Governor Attendance 2022-23

    10/10/22 2/27/23 6/26/23    
Kirsty Hird Headteacher Y Y Y 3/3  
Chris Thomas Co-Opted Governor N Y N/A 1/2 Resigned 23/1/2023
Kate Raw Staff Governor Y Y Y 3/3  
Ricky Hall Parent Governor Y N N 1/3  
Tom Cooper Co-Opted Governor Y Y Y 3/3 Resigned 29/8/23
Claire Curtis Parent Governor Y N Y 2/3  
Sophie Hesketh Parent Governor Y Y Y 3/3  
Susan Boyd Co-Opted Governor N/A Y Y 2/2  


Finance Committee 23/11/22 7/3/23 13/6/23    
Ricky Hall Y N N 1/3 Resigned 11/9/23
Kirsty Hird N Y Y 2/3  
Sophie Hesketh Y Y N 2/3  
Tom Cooper Y Y Y 3/3 Resigned 29/8/23
Claire Curtis Y Y Y 3/3  


Name Term of Office Start Term of Office Ends
Kirsty Hird 1/9/22  
Chris Thomas 18/10/21 17/10/25
Kate Raw 1/9/21 1/9/24
Ricky Hall 7/1/21 6/1/25
Tom Cooper 15/11/21 14/11/25
Claire Curtis 15/11/21 14/11/25
Sophie Hesketh 17/1/22 16/1/26
Susan Boyd 27/2/23 27/2/26

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